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Paramedic NY - Fulton Ambulance-ALS Menter Ambulance

Job Description

Position Description

The Paramedic is responsible for providing direct patient care in accordance with CNY EMS Regional and NYS protocols and / or medical direction.  To complete daily base and ambulance duties as required by administration and/or described in the Menter Ambulance Standard Operating Guidelines, Employee Handbook, Operational Response Policy or other approved publication.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Responds to calls when dispatched. Reads maps, may drive ambulance to emergency site using most expeditious route permitted by weather and road conditions. Observes all traffic ordinances and regulations.
  • Uses appropriate body substance isolation procedures. Assesses the safety of the scene, gains access to the patient, assesses extent of injury or illness. 
  • Communicates with dispatcher requesting additional assistance or services as necessary. 
  • Determines nature of illness or injury. Visually inspects for medical identification emblems to aid in care (medical bracelet, charm, etc.) 
  • Uses prescribed techniques and equipment to provide patient care. 
  • Provides additional emergency care following established protocols. Assesses and monitors vital signs and general appearance of patient for change. 
  • Makes determination regarding patient status and priority for emergency care using established criteria. Reassures patient, family members and bystanders.
  • Assists with lifting, carrying and properly loading patient into the ambulance. Avoids mishandling patient and undue haste. 
  • Determines appropriate medical facility to which patient will be transported. 
  • Transports patient to medical facility providing ongoing medical care as necessary enroute. 
  • Reports nature of injury or illness to receiving facility. 
  • Asks for medical direction from medical control physician and carries out medical control orders as appropriate. 
  • Assists in moving patient from ambulance into medical facility. 
  • Reports verbally and in writing observations of the patient's emergency and care provided (including written report(s) and care provided by Certified First Responders prior to EMT-B/AEMT prior to arrival on scene) to emergency department staff and assists staff as required.
  • Complies with regulations in handling deceased, notifies authorities and arranges for protection of property and evidence at scene.
  • Replaces supplies, properly disposes of medical waste. 
  • Properly cleans contaminated equipment according to established guidelines. 
  • Checks all equipment for future readiness. 
  • Maintains ambulance in operable condition. 
  • Ensures cleanliness and organization of ambulance, its equipment and supplies. Determines vehicle readiness by checking operator maintainable fluid, fuel and air pressure levels. Maintains familiarity with all specialized equipment.
  • Responsible for the Advanced Life Support (ALS) treatment or Basic Life Support (BLS) treatment, and safe efficient transportation of ill or injured persons to the appropriate destination by ambulance.
  • Complete and submit all prehospital care reports utilizing the approved documentation application.
  • Perform other duties or tasks as directed by Supervisors or Management Staff of Menter Ambulance.

Job Requirements

  • Valid NYS EMT-Paramedic certification
  • Must have CPR, ACLS, PALS
  • NYS Driver's License
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Ability to lift, carry and balance up to 125 pounds (250 pounds with assistance)
  • Ability to use good judgement and remain calm in high stress situations
  • Possesses good manual dexterity with ability to perform all tasks related to the highest quality patient care
  • Ability to bend, stoop and crawl on uneven terrain
  • Ability to withstand varied environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold and moisture
  • Ability to work in low light situations and confined spaces
  • Ability to work with other providers to make appropriate patient care decisions

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  • Posted: Wed, November 25, 2020
  • Location: NY - Fulton